About Me

Born and raised in Orange County, I bring a versatile background and intimate knowledge of Southern California. As a Licensed Real Estate Agent with Caliber Real Estate Group, I am here for all your home buying or selling needs, to help make your dreams and desires a reality. I bring exceptional knowledge and livability experience in Orange County. I am aware of current market trends and local activity across homes for sale and sold in these communities.

I have built a strong foundation of communication and timely follow-up, perseverance in caring and serving others, and a strong focus on ethics and morality. I am highly dedicated to commitment and advocating for those I am working with. In my spare time, I love exploring new hobbies, related to my passions of health, fitness, family and fishing.

When you are curious about the value of your home or interested in finding new possibilities, I am ready to help you. I look forward to working with you and bringing my wealth of experience and guidance through your home buying and/or selling process. Contact me today!